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?Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

National Water Conservancy Scenic Area


Scenic Area Overview

Introduction of Wuhai Lake

Incorporated in May 2014, Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the tourism industry investment and tourism product research, development sales, with the registered capital of more than 40.40 million yuan. The company adopts the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and set up five departments including comprehensive department, safety supervision department, operation and project management department, planning department and finance department.


Located in the western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wuhai City, Wuhai Lake is the soothing water formed after the construction of Yellow River Haibowan water control project for water storage, covering an area of 118 square kilometers. It spans to Haibowan Yellow River water control project dam in the north, Ulan Buh Desert in the west, connects to Binhe New District in the east, and echoes with Gandeer mountain ecological civilization scenic area at a distance in the south. With the area 18.5 times the West Lake in Hangzhou, and 5 times the Sank Lake in Ningxia, it is the most gorgeous gem of Wuhai.

Wuhai Lake ecological tourism scenic area spans across the entire Wuhai City, covering the Ulan Buh Desert, Ulan Nur Lake, Wuhai Lake, Hu Yang Island, Rabbit Island and other scenic areas. Together with Gandeer mountain ecological civilization scenic area, it presents the spectacular scenery of water and sand matching with adjoining mountains and rivers.

Viewing at a distance from east to west, Wuhai Lake scenic area enjoys clear glistening water, green waves merging the blue sky, straight to the golden sand shore, with one side the clear water, and the golden sands. The grand and magnificent natural creation constitutes a beautiful picture of "Desert reflected in the clear water of lake, fabulous southern-type oasis beyond the frontier.


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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Wuhai Lake Scenic Area Binhe Wharf (500 meters south of Wuhai Binhe District Mongolian Furniture Museum)

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