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?Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

National Water Conservancy Scenic Area


Traffic Guide


Bus: (more information)


City Departure time

 Yinchuan 8:05-18:30 one bus per hour

Hohhot 14:35, 16:00

Erdos 8:30, 9:40, 10:40, 12:00,

                 12:50, 14:10, 15:00, 17:50



Train (more information)


Departure city Arrival city Train number

Yinchuan Wuhai K1518,2702, T304, Z180, K1178,2636, K886

Hohhot Wuhai K1595, K885,1133, K41, K1517, T6307,

                              T303,2635,2701, K1177, Z179, K7905

Erdos Wuhai K1686


Plane (click to see more)


(The time is for reference only, with the details subject the airline companies):

Departure city Flight time

  Hohhot 8:00-9:05,10:50-12:00,18:45-19:50

  Beijing 7:00-8:45,19:10-21:05,

  Taiyuan 17:00-18:35

  Xi'an 6:40-12


Wuhai Lake Self-driving Route Recommendation


1. [Hohhot - Baotou - Bameng direction]

Drive along the Beijing-Tibet Highway – enter the ramp from Mengxi / Wuhai Airport exit – drive along the airport road and turn right into the  boulevard - turn left to the Century Avenue - drive along the Century Avenue, go up the overpass and get to the Riverside Avenue - Mongolian Furniture Museum - Wuhai Lake Binhe Wharf


2. [Erdos direction]

Drive along Dongkang Expressway and enter the ramp from the North Outer Ring Road / Baotou-Maoming Highway / RongchengWuhai Highway / G18 / G65 exit in the right – drive straight ahead along the RongchengWuhai Highway and enter into G109 – go straight ahead along the Beijing-Tibet Highway and enter into the ramp from Heibowan / S217 exit - go straight along Xuefu Street and get to the City Avenue – arrive at Wuhai Lake Binhe Wharf


3. [Yinchuan direction]

Yinchuan Express Loop Highway - along Yinchuan Express Loop Highway – enter into Helan Overpass - go straight into the Beijing-Tibet Highway – enter into the ramp from Haibowan / S217 exit - Haida Street – Xuefu Street – City Avenue - Wuhai Lake Binhe Wharf


4. [Shizuishan direction]

Along Pingluo toll station overpass – turn right ahead and enter into Beijing-Tibet Highway – drive straight ahead along Beijing-Tibet Highway and enter into the ramp from Heibowan / S217 exit - Haida Street - Xuejie Street - City Avenue – Wuhai Lake Binhe Wharf















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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Wuhai Lake Pier1(500 meters south of Wuhai Binhe District Mongolian Furniture Museum)

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